Du 20 au 24 novembre 2017 à Ouagadougou

Le FONRID fait monter en compétences les porteurs de projets présélectionnés !


La Fabrique supports FONRID (National Fund for Research and Innovation for Development) as part of its call for projects on agro-sylvo pastoral intensification (2017-2018).

After having participated in the first phase of project selection, it is now a question of supporting preselected project promoters from 20 to 24 November 2017 to help them reinforce their innovative proposal.

This (intensive) training takes place at the IRD (Research Institute for Development), partner of the event as well as CIRAD (Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development).

From the definition of an innovation trajectory, to the pitch of an innovative research project and the management of change of scale, the candidates are reinforced on questions essential to the good progress of their project and welcome the initiative. FONRID, for whom this intermediate training is a first that already seems to be unanimous.

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